Mr Alan Bailey
Axe Vale Coaches

A long time ago, when computers were new and expensive Mr Bailey contacted me saying he had a problem with his new Olivetti 286 and could I help him out.
That call started an association that lasted many years and spanned 2 generations. Axe Vale Coaches was a true family firm, Alan ran the business, his wife Jane and their sons, Colin & John all drove. Colin looked after the admin and John maintained the coaches.
Over the years the business grew and things progressed. Then along came the internet. Over coffee on a routine visit we were talking about how the internet could be useful and we looked at the possiblilty of making a site that would make use of Alans knowledge of the coach business.
He\we came up with the idea of a directory listing of all the coach operators in the UK that the public could access and get quotes for trips and coach hire.
Those that Axe Vale could quote for were kept in house, the others sent to coach operators in the relevant areas. This was all done for Free, with the initial costs taken up by Alan.
After a while we discovered that National Express, who where then using had not claimed We promptly took the vacant domain and watched as our hit rate climbed, thanks to National Express.
The years passed and I moved away, but we stayed in touch. I learned of Alans illness and then of his passing. The boys continued to run the business and ran it until the recession made it too difficult to continue and finally Axe Vale had to close its doors.
Over the years the databae administration fell by the wayside and the site lost its popularity but I still have the domain name. I have considered giving it up but it was suggested to me that the domain name be kept and the site relaunched as a tribute to Alan Bailey and Axevale Coaches.
So, any coach operators who would like to promote their business can advertise and promote their products and services through the site for free.
Contact me and let me know what you want to do.

So until we have some more products and services

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